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              ApacheCon 2021 Coming Soon! The Apache Software Foundation
              Apache 20th Anniversary Logo

              Community-led development "The Apache Way"

              Apache Support Logo

              The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many software project communities consisting of individuals who choose to participate in ASF activities.

              What is the ASF?

              Established in 1999, the ASF is a US 501(c)(3) charitable organization, funded by individual donations and corporate sponsors. Our all-volunteer board oversees more than 350 leading Open Source projects, including Apache HTTP Server -- the world's most popular Web server software.

              The ASF provides an established framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that limits potential legal exposure for our project committers. Through the ASF's meritocratic process known as "The Apache Way," more than 850 individual Members and 8,200 Committers successfully collaborate to develop freely available enterprise-grade software that benefits millions of users worldwide: projects distribute thousands of software solutions under the Apache License; and the community actively participates in ASF mailing lists, mentoring initiatives, and ApacheCon (the Foundation's official user conference), trainings, and other events.

              How did the ASF and Apache® projects grow?

              Formerly known as the Apache Group, the ASF was incorporated in 1999 as a membership-based, not-for-profit corporation to ensure that the Apache projects continue to exist beyond the participation of individual volunteers. Individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to collaborative open-source software development, through sustained participation and contributions within the Foundation's projects, are eligible for membership in the ASF. An individual receives membership after nomination and approval by a majority of the existing ASF members. Thus, the ASF is governed by the community it most directly serves: the people collaborating within its projects.

              How are the ASF and Apache projects governed?

              The ASF members periodically elect a Board of Directors to manage the organizational affairs of the Foundation, following the ASF Bylaws. The Board, in turn, appoints a number of officers to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Foundation. Public records of our operations are available to the community. A more detailed explanation of How the ASF works in terms of day to day operations is available, and the Apache Community Development project's goal is to help newcomers learn more about the Apache Software Foundation.

              Project Management Committees (PMCs), made up of individuals who have shown merit and leadership within ASF projects, govern those projects. There are detailed descriptions of ASF and project governance models.

              What is the role of ASF Members?

              Since the Foundation is a Delaware membership corporation, Apache Members are like shareholders in the legal corporation. Members vote to elect the Board of Directors and may propose new Member candidates at Annual Members' Meetings. Members have a number of rights and responsibilities documented in our Governance guide.

              Note that Apache Members have a role with respect to the ASF as a corporation, as defined in the ASF's bylaws. This is separate from membership in our many Apache Project Management Committees, who are only responsible for development and community management in their individual project.

              Who runs the ASF?

              The membership of the ASF elects the nine-member board to run the foundation, to set policy, and to ensure it is carried out. The directors of the board are:

              Board members

              Bertrand Delacretaz Roy T. Fielding Sharan Foga
              Justin Mclean Sam Ruby Craig L Russell
              Roman Shaposhnik Sander Striker Sheng Wu


              The Board has appointed the following corporate officers of the ASF:

              Office Individual
              Board Chair Sander Striker
              Vice Chair Shane Curcuru
              President David Nalley
              Exec. V.P Ruth Suehle
              Treasurer Myrle Krantz
              Assistant Treasurer Trevor Grant
              Secretary Matt Sicker
              Assistant Secretary Craig L Russell
              V.P., Legal Affairs Roman Shaposhnik
              Assistant V.P., Legal Affairs Justin Mclean
              V.P., Security Mark J. Cox
              V.P., Data Privacy Christian Grobmeier
              V.P., W3C Relations Andy Seaborne

              The President has appointed the following corporate officers of the ASF:

              Office Individual
              V.P., Brand Management Mark Thomas
              V.P., Conferences Rich Bowen
              V.P., Diversity and Inclusion Katia Rojas
              V.P., Fundraising Daniel Ruggeri
              V.P., Infrastructure David Nalley
              V.P., Marketing and Publicity Joe Brockmeier
              V.P., Travel Assistance Gavin McDonald
              Infrastructure Administrator Greg Stein

              VP, Fundraising has appointed the following corporate officers of the ASF:

              Office Individual
              V.P., Sponsor Relations Sally Khudairi

              PMC chairs

              The Board has appointed the following Vice Presidents to chair the PMCs of each Apache project:

              Office Individual
              V.P., Apache Accumulo Ed Coleman
              V.P., Apache ActiveMQ Bruce Snyder
              V.P., Apache Airavata Suresh Marru
              V.P., Apache Airflow Bolke de Bruin
              V.P., Apache Allura Dave Brondsema
              V.P., Apache Ambari Jayush Luniya
              V.P., Apache Ant Jan Matèrne
              V.P., Apache Any23 Lewis John McGibbney
              V.P., Apache APISIX Ming Wen
              V.P., Apache Archiva Olivier Lamy
              V.P., Apache Aries Christian Schneider
              V.P., Apache Arrow Wes McKinney
              V.P., Apache AsterixDB Till Westmann
              V.P., Apache Atlas Madhan Neethiraj
              V.P., Apache Attic Herve Boutemy
              V.P., Apache Avro Ismaël Mejía
              V.P., Apache Axis Robert Lazarski
              V.P., Apache Bahir Luciano Resende
              V.P., Apache Beam Kenneth Knowles
              V.P., Apache Bigtop Kengo Seki
              V.P., Apache Bloodhound Gary Martin
              V.P., Apache BookKeeper Sijie Guo
              V.P., Apache Brooklyn Geoff Macartney
              V.P., Apache Buildr Antoine Toulme
              V.P., Apache BVal Matt Benson
              V.P., Apache Calcite Haisheng Yuan
              V.P., Apache Camel Andrea Cosentino
              V.P., Apache CarbonData Liang Chen
              V.P., Apache Cassandra Nate McCall
              V.P., Apache Cayenne Michael Gentry
              V.P., Apache Celix Pepijn Noltes
              V.P., Apache Chemistry Florian Müller
              V.P., Apache Clerezza Hasan Hasan
              V.P., Apache CloudStack Gabriel Beims Bräscher
              V.P., Apache Cocoon Cédric Damioli
              V.P., Apache Commons Gary D. Gregory
              V.P., Apache Community Development Swapnil Mane
              V.P., Apache Cordova Jesse MacFadyen
              V.P., Apache CouchDB Jan Lehnardt
              V.P., Apache Creadur Philipp Ottlinger
              V.P., Apache cTAKES Pei J Chen
              V.P., Apache Curator Enrico Olivelli
              V.P., Apache CXF Daniel Kulp
              V.P., Apache Daffodil Mike Beckerle
              V.P., Apache DataFu Eyal Allweil
              V.P., Apache DataSketches Lee Rhodes
              V.P., Apache DB Bryan Pendleton
              V.P., Apache DeltaSpike Mark Struberg
              V.P., Apache Directory Shawn McKinney
              V.P., Apache DolphinScheduler Lidong Dai
              V.P., Apache Drill Charles Givre
              V.P., Apache Druid Gian Merlino
              V.P., Apache Dubbo Ian Luo
              V.P., Apache ECharts Wenli Zhang
              V.P., Apache Empire-db Rainer Döbele
              V.P., Apache Felix Karl Pauls
              V.P., Apache Fineract Awasum Yannick
              V.P., Apache Flex Olaf Krüger
              V.P., Apache Flink Stephan Ewen
              V.P., Apache Flume Balázs Donát Bessenyei
              V.P., Apache Fluo Keith Turner
              V.P., Apache FreeMarker Dániel Dékány
              V.P., Apache Geode Dan Smith
              V.P., Apache Geronimo Romain Manni-Bucau
              V.P., Apache Giraph Dionysios Logothetis
              V.P., Apache Gobblin Abhishek Tiwari
              V.P., Apache Gora Kevin Ratnasekera
              V.P., Apache Griffin William Guo
              V.P., Apache Groovy Paul King
              V.P., Apache Guacamole Mike Jumper
              V.P., Apache Gump Stefan Bodewig
              V.P., Apache Hadoop Wei-Chiu Chuang
              V.P., Apache HAWQ Lei Chang
              V.P., Apache HBase Duo Zhang
              V.P., Apache Helix Kishore Gopalakrishna
              V.P., Apache Hive Ashutosh Chauhan
              V.P., Apache HTTP Server Joe Orton
              V.P., Apache HttpComponents Michael Osipov
              V.P., Apache Hudi Vinoth Chandar
              V.P., Apache Iceberg Ryan Blue
              V.P., Apache Ignite Dmitry Pavlov
              V.P., Apache Impala Jim Apple
              V.P., Apache Incubator Justin Mclean
              V.P., Apache IoTDB Xiangdong Huang
              V.P., Apache Isis Johan Doornenbal
              V.P., Apache Jackrabbit Marcel Reutegger
              V.P., Apache James Benoit Tellier
              V.P., Apache jclouds Andrew Gaul
              V.P., Apache Jena Andy Seaborne
              V.P., Apache JMeter Bruno (Milamber) Demion
              V.P., Apache Johnzon Romain Manni-Bucau
              V.P., Apache Joshua Tommaso Teofili
              V.P., Apache JSPWiki Juan Pablo Santos
              V.P., Apache jUDDI Alex O'Ree
              V.P., Apache Juneau James Bognar
              V.P., Apache Kafka Jun Rao
              V.P., Apache Karaf Jean-Baptiste Onofré
              V.P., Apache Kibble Sharan Foga
              V.P., Apache Knox Larry McCay
              V.P., Apache Kudu Andrew Wong
              V.P., Apache Kylin Shao Feng Shi
              V.P., Apache Libcloud Toma? Muraus
              V.P., Apache Logging Services Ron Grabowski
              V.P., Apache Lucene Michael Sokolov
              V.P., Apache Lucene.Net Shad Storhaug
              V.P., Apache MADlib Aaron Feng
              V.P., Apache Mahout Trevor Grant
              V.P., Apache ManifoldCF Karl Wright
              V.P., Apache Maven Robert Scholte
              V.P., Apache Mesos Qian Zhang
              V.P., Apache MINA Guillaume Nodet
              V.P., Apache Mnemonic Yanhui Zhao
              V.P., Apache MyFaces Bernd Bohmann
              V.P., Apache Mynewt Szymon Janc
              V.P., Apache NetBeans Geertjan Wielenga
              V.P., Apache NiFi Joe Witt
              V.P., Apache Nutch Sebastian Nagel
              V.P., Apache OFBiz Jacopo Cappellato
              V.P., Apache Olingo Michael Bolz
              V.P., Apache OODT Imesha Sudasingha
              V.P., Apache Oozie Dénes Bodó
              V.P., Apache OpenJPA Mark Struberg
              V.P., Apache OpenMeetings Maxim Solodovnik
              V.P., Apache OpenNLP Jeffrey T. Zemerick
              V.P., Apache OpenOffice Carl B. Marcum
              V.P., Apache OpenWebBeans Mark Struberg
              V.P., Apache OpenWhisk Dave Grove
              V.P., Apache ORC Dongjoon Hyun
              V.P., Apache Ozone Sammi Chen
              V.P., Apache Parquet Xinli Shang
              V.P., Apache PDFBox Andreas Lehmkühler
              V.P., Apache Perl Steve Hay
              V.P., Apache Petri Dave Fisher
              V.P., Apache Phoenix Ankit Singhal
              V.P., Apache Pig Koji Noguchi
              V.P., Apache Pinot Kishore G
              V.P., Apache Pivot Roger Whitcomb
              V.P., Apache PLC4X Christofer Dutz
              V.P., Apache POI Dominik Stadler
              V.P., Apache Portable Runtime (APR) Nick Kew
              V.P., Apache Portals David Sean Taylor
              V.P., Apache Pulsar Matteo Merli
              V.P., Apache Qpid Robbie Gemmell
              V.P., Apache Ranger Selvamohan Neethiraj
              V.P., Apache Ratis Tsz-wo Sze
              V.P., Apache REEF Sergiy Matusevych
              V.P., Apache River Roy T. Fielding
              V.P., Apache RocketMQ Xiaorui Wang
              V.P., Apache Roller Dave Johnson
              V.P., Apache Royale Piotr Zarzycki
              V.P., Apache Rya Adina Crainiceanu
              V.P., Apache Samza Yi Pan
              V.P., Apache Santuario Colm O hEigeartaigh
              V.P., Apache Serf Justin Erenkrantz
              V.P., Apache ServiceComb Willem Ning Jiang
              V.P., Apache ServiceMix Krzysztof Sobkowiak
              V.P., Apache ShardingSphere Liang Zhang
              V.P., Apache Shiro Brian Demers
              V.P., Apache SINGA Wang Wei
              V.P., Apache SIS Martin Desruisseaux
              V.P., Apache SkyWalking Sheng Wu
              V.P., Apache Sling Robert Munteanu
              V.P., Apache Solr Jan Høydahl
              V.P., Apache SpamAssassin Sidney Markowitz
              V.P., Apache Spark Matei Zaharia
              V.P., Apache Steve Daniel Gruno
              V.P., Apache Storm Kishor Patil
              V.P., Apache Streams Steve Blackmon
              V.P., Apache Struts René Gielen
              V.P., Apache Submarine Liu Xun
              V.P., Apache Subversion Nathan Hartman
              V.P., Apache Superset Maxime Beauchemin
              V.P., Apache Synapse Isuru Udana
              V.P., Apache Syncope Francesco Chicchiriccò
              V.P., Apache SystemDS Matthias Boehm
              V.P., Apache Tapestry Thiago H. de Paula Figueiredo
              V.P., Apache Tcl Georgios Petasis
              V.P., Apache Tez László Bodor
              V.P., Apache Thrift Jens Geyer
              V.P., Apache Tika Tim Allison
              V.P., Apache TinkerPop Stephen Mallette
              V.P., Apache Tomcat Mladen Turk
              V.P., Apache TomEE David Blevins
              V.P., Apache Traffic Control Eric Friedrich
              V.P., Apache Traffic Server Bryan Call
              V.P., Apache Turbine Georg Kallidis
              V.P., Apache TVM Tianqi Chen
              V.P., Apache UIMA Richard Eckart de Castilho
              V.P., Apache Unomi Serge Huber
              V.P., Apache Usergrid Michael Russo
              V.P., Apache VCL Josh Thompson
              V.P., Apache Velocity Nathan Bubna
              V.P., Apache Web Services Daniel Kulp
              V.P., Apache Whimsy Shane Curcuru
              V.P., Apache Wicket Andrea Del Bene
              V.P., Apache Xalan Gary D. Gregory
              V.P., Apache Xerces Michael Glavassevich
              V.P., Apache XML Graphics Clay Leeds
              V.P., Apache Yetus Allen Wittenauer
              V.P., Apache Zeppelin Lee Moon Soo
              V.P., Apache ZooKeeper Flavio Junqueira

              The Foundation is a collaborative project of the ASF. Our goal is to build and sustain the literal foundation upon which our open-source software projects are based.

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